a canoe in motion
in complete harmony
and nearly limitless energy.

The process of building a RAKANU already starts with encountering
you as a human being setting off with your own canoe to find yourself.
The choice of the woods and the boat shape orients oneself to your
personality and your specific needs and preferences.

You want to be part of the manufacturing process of your RAKANU?
You have the chance to do exactly that! This unique experience
will connect you even stronger with your RAKANU!
So if you wish to participate the production of your RAKANU,
you are invited to do so.

I specifically focus my attention on optimizing the stability
and durability by simultaneously minimizing the weight of the boat.
The RAKANU is smooth-running, stable and in spite of that extremely flexible.

Why RAKANU? My wife Christine and I have raised a little hooded
crow and named it Raka. We wanted all the beautiful memories we
have had with Raka to live forever. And therefore RAKA and KANU
(canoe) were connected to become RAKANU.